Passive Aggressive Blogging

One of my favorite amusements lately is folks who read something I’ve written here, and rather than commenting/disagreeing on my site, or even going back to their own site and commenting there while linking to my post, they simply comment on their own sites in general terms, without providing any context to what they’re reacting to for their other readers. It’s entertaining because it often results in completely inarticulate posts, or even just silly-sounding non sequiturs or unprovoked scolding or ranting.

There are three people who do this with some regularity, and for each of them they’re people I just don’t care to spend time with (even though I read their blogs) because there’s something that strikes me as really dishonest and babyish about this behavior. It’s blogging equivalent of talking bad behind someone’s back and not telling them to their face what you think of them. Be an adult and stand behind what you say.

I completely realize I’m doing the same thing right now, because I’m reacting to something I just read from someone who’s this done to my writing several times, but I’m not really interested in starting a flame war just at this moment, so I won’t link to the post in question.

But it’s very silly, and you just sound shrill and childish, dear.

span class=”hilightyellow”>2019 update: This has a specific name on Twitter – Subtweeting. “The act of mentioning a person on Twitter™ without using the symbol @ before their name so they do not see what you have written.” Still a jackass move, even on another platform.

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