Old Northside Neighborhood Photos

Ovid Butler House
Flickr Photoset of Old Northside Neighborhood
Stephanie and I took the dog for a long walk around our gorgeous neighborhood this weekend, and I snapped a bunch for photos (148, to be exact) for my growing collection of pictures of our neighborhood.
We are very lucky to live in one of the most scenic neighborhoods in the city, in a modest house in the middle of some very grand mansions. I’ve been snapping pictures of the neighborhood since we moved in last year; the historic victorian architecture is amazing. Old Northside was one of the prominent neighborhoods in the late 1800s – the state’s prominent businessmen and politicians lived here. It was also the original home of Butler University, and the house in the photo above is the home of Ovid Butler, the founder of the university.

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  1. Wil

    Thanks for sharing these. There are some beautiful homes and buildings in your neighborhood, and it’s good to see that a number have or are being renovated. Wil

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