Oh, I’m So Certain.

I just got a memo at work that reads in part, “Pearson Travel Services wants to reassure employees that it has established the necessary processes and information sources to assist travelers during these uncertain times…”
The “uncertain times” phrase is becoming as ubiquitous (and meaningless) as “the terrorists have won,” a phrase I thought had finally been put to rest, except that our Governor O’Bannon (whom I proudly donated blood with shortly after Sept. 11) said the “terrorists” phrase just yesterday in a statement supporting the Iraq war effort.
When have times ever been certain? That’s as dumb as the idea of “the good old days.” Do you think the times were certain right before, say, the Black Plague? How about after? What about during the Salem Witch Trials? They were pretty certain then, right? WWII — we all knew what the outcome of that would be. And say, the 1980’s — how could anyone have been certain, given the bad haircuts we all had?

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