My sister should write comedy

I know this is totally a privacy violation, but I don’t care, because it’s funny.
From: Stacy Mineart
Date: April 14, 2004 3:22:22 AM EST
To: Steph Mineart
Subject: Hey
Ok, ok I know I haven’t emailed yet but this time I have a legitimate excuse!� No sooner had I torn myself away from ebay (no easy task, I can assure you!) when my computer went to blue screen, restarted, and told me it couldn’t find it’s hard disk.� “Think!” I said, “Where did you last have it?”, but it was no good.� When I called the pc support line the man kept saying “Oh no!”, which I didn’t feel was a good sign.� So now my computer is in for repair and I’m forced to come into work early if I want to email.� The good news is that it all happened the day before the warranty ran out.� (Much to PC World’s chagrin, I think)
All is going fairly well.� I have a car now (woo hoo!) which is a 91 Chevy Nova (or Vauxhall Nova if you live in England) and it goes really well except for this manual choke thing I can’t get the hang of.� So now I don’t have to take the bus, and instead I drive at really silly times of day so I don’t hit much traffic because these English people drive like nuts.� I understand why Chevy Chase couldn’t get off the roundabout.�
We have a black bunny (don’t know if I had told you that), a white cat, and a white dog.� It means no color of clothing is safe during shedding season.� Mabel (bunny) has an indoor house and an outdoor house and runs around all day via the cat flap.� Recently she discovered that we have a bedroom and that this is where all her sources of cuddling go at night.� So last night she piled onto the bed with us, which was great until the sun came out.� Then she decided to do the tazmanian devil thing and all the hippity-hopping which was so cute during the day was substantially less so when she did it on our heads at 4:30 in the morning.��She also�luuuuvvvvvs pinkie (the cat) and�was chasing him around, so when I rolled over to fend off the inevitible fisticuffs they were both�blinking up at me (looking like good and evil in their black and whiteness),�convinced that movement on my part�must indicate the�inevitable feeding of breakfast.� Bunny then proceeded to pick up my alarm clock in her teeth and throw it out of reach so I couldn’t hit snooze again.� When I still didn’t get up, she went in the corner and (this is a housetrained rabbit, by the way) began to drop bunny pellets until I got up.� Little buttmunch.� Ollie kept snoring through it, and Pinkie looked at me like “Can I really not eat her now?”
So thats pets.� Still looking for jobs, money and personal fulfillment.� I’m wondering, if I were to start where I am now, with only�general computer literacy and some basic networking training, what would I need to do if I wanted to work my way up to a job like yours?
[Note from steph: I e-mailed her back that it wouldn’t take much and she should totally look into it. Although I really think she should write comedy for a British TV show. Or better yet, write comedy for an American adaptation of a British TV show, since they manage to f*&% that up over here pretty well.]
Anyway, best go because co-workers are coming in now.

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