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Yesterday, Stephanie went to her regular physician for an annual physical (because I insisted that she go) and the doctor found a lump in her breast. She went for a mammogram (several of them, and ultrasounds, too) this afternoon. The doctors believe the lump is benign, because it’s not the shape or texture of a cancerous tumor. She mentioned that it was probably a Fibroadenoma. The doctor said that she wasn’t worried about it, and we shouldn’t be, either.
But it’s large enough that they need to remove it. A lumpectomy is an outpatient procedure, which they’ll schedule here in a couple of weeks. So we’ll meet with a surgeon sometime soon, and then they’ll schedule the procedure. Once it’s removed, they’ll test it to ensure that it isn’t cancerous.
Needless to say, we were both freaked out all night last night and today, and Stephanie’s very concerned about how it will affect her breast and what it will look like and feel.
So, more doctors, and another hospital visit. We’re getting to be pros at this.

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  1. Jaq

    I was terrified when I found a lump 5 years ago. So scared to find out the truth, I put off having it checked until my sister (bless her) harangued me and threatened to come the 2000 miles to drag me to the doctor herself. It was, fortunately, just a lump. There’s a quote I like from Cormac McCarthy: “Scars remind us the past really happened.”
    I can recommend Joyce Wadle’s book “My Breast”. Faced with a lumpectomy, she put on her lowest cut outfit to show the surgeon where she didn’t want the scar. Very no-nonsense, and blackly funny.
    Thinking of you both, and hoping it’s the last you see of hospital interiors for a long time.

  2. Steph Mineart

    I should point out that Stephanie went to the doctor for her regular exam willingly and cheerfully — I merely teased her about going because she teased me into going to mine, which is when I found out about my heart being worse.
    I didn’t mean to make it seem like she was afraid to go or anything. I think both of us know the importance of getting an annual physical, especially now.

  3. Jaq

    Oh, you didn’t – I was just remembering my scared-itude.

  4. Scott

    Eek, I’m really sorry to hear about this but also glad it doesn’t sound like anything really scary. Let us know if you need anything.

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