When things go horribly wrong

I’ve been sicker than a dog this weekend; I spent all day yesterday throwing up. Today I don’t feel much better, and I have two different sets of people coming to see the house tonight at 6. They will be seeing the dirtiest, most cluttered house in the city, without a doubt, because I didn’t get much of anything done in the packing and cleaning department.
I know that I shouldn’t feel upset at a friend of mine who offered to help this weekend and then flaked out on Sunday. It is nice to offer and she did do a lot to help earlier in the week. But I was really counting on help on Sunday and she really let me down. If I had known she was going to blow off helping, I would have called someone else, but by the time she told me, it was too late to call anyone else.
On top of that, the weather is really killing me. I’m so sick of rain.

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