Removing drop ceilings, ripping up floors

Last night I ripped out the rest of the drop ceiling in the living room. Above it, someone had blown in cotton insulation (three garbage bags full), which I had to bag and take to the attic for later dispersal. And I carried all the panels for the drop ceiling out to the backyard, along with all the metal supports. Then I swept the ceiling, which was covered with cobwebs, dust, peeling wallpaper and paint, and crumbling plaster. Thank god for saftety goggles and breathing masks. Then I spent the rest of the evening with my new shop vac cleaning up the stray dust and insulation.

My plan is to dump all the refuse in the backyard until I’m finished, then rent a dumpster and throw everything in. Tonight I’m going to carry the carpets out to the backyard, pry up the floor in the living room, install the new mailbox in a more accessible spot, install the doorbell, and staple plastic over the section of wall where theres no drywall to prevent the insulation from falling into the room. (Boy my house sounds like a pit doesn’t it? It’s really not that bad.)

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