1876, not 1900

This weekend we met Pete Pappas, a long-time resident of our new neighborhood, Old Northside, who told us that our house was built in the 1870’s, not in 1900, as it said on all of our house sale paperwork. And he was right — he showed us a copy of the Old Northside’s neighborhood plan, which is a written history of the neighborhood with research on each of the houses back to the original owner. Our house was built in 1876. So it’s 130 years old. Wow. I have a similar plan for Herron-Morton Place neighborhood, but I didn’t know that one existed for Old Northside. We’re going to have to hunt down a copy of it. Old Northside was slightly tonier in it’s day that Herron-Morton Place. Besides the home of president Benjamin Harrison, some other famous hoosiers lived there, including the Ayres of L.S. Ayres fame.
Sunday we packed a lot of stuff at my house, with Melissa’s help, and we moved bunches of breakable stuff and things the movers probably wouldn’t take, like flammables. We also moved the aquarium and the fish, which is quite a load off my mind. I go to work today, then have tomorrow and Wednesday off to work on the Big Move, which involves a moving truck and all my big furniture. Yeah.
Then we have to start on Stephanie’s house.

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