Dear Diary…

So, it’s been a long time since we really sat down to chat, hasn’t it? I mean, we got back from the honeymoon, and it’s been a couple weeks, other than posting some photos of cool clocks and a video here and there (complete with misspellings in captions) I haven’t really talked much about life in general.

First of all, let me say, there were a couple of people who read my blog who sent us wedding gifts. You are wonderful, and that was completely unexpected. I promise, we are working on Thank You notes to individuals, because you certainly deserve our appreciation. You are awesome, and we love what you got us.

On July 1st, there were some changes at work, but I still don’t know whether I can talk about them or not, because there hasn’t been an “official” announcement yet. Hopefully I can say this without it being a problem – I have some more responsibilities, and there are some positive things that go along with that. Read between them lines.

Since I got the new camera, I haven’t had enough free time to actually sit down and learn how to take the thing off auto mode, partly because of the above-mentioned job-related thingy. I hope to get to that… sometime.

I haven’t been exercising enough, and I’ve been eating too much. That needs to change. On June 25, I planned to take 21 days and not have any caffeine or meat, just to see whether I could have enough discipline to make a change in my lifestyle. They say if you can do something for 21 days, it will become a permanent habit. I got as far as 9 days, and the July 4th weekend tanked me. That’s… well, decent for me. I need to try again, because making a change would help improve my life in lots and lots of ways.

As you could probably tell from the recent photos, I was in Columbus, Ohio for a business trip for a couple days this week. Columbus looks pretty much just about like Indianapolis, from what little I got to see. We were in either a hotel or an office park the whole time. I’m sure it’s a lovely city.

It’s quite hot here at the homestead, and our downstairs air conditioner is on the fritz. That’s caused a bit of consternation in the last couple days. I would like to order up some better weather, but my weather machine is not working because IU stole my 10-ton magnet. I would have gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids. At least I still have my mind reading helmet and my teleportation gun hidden away.

Stephanie has made good progress on the Art Car, without a whole lot of help from me because I’ve been too busy trying to decompress. Of course, you can’t see the most complete photos yet, because I haven’t had time to take them off the camera. Sigh.

In two weeks, we’re going to Louisville with the car to attend the Kentucky Art Car Weekend. I hope to Maude I have learned some stuff about my camera by then, because that is one cool event at which to take pictures.

No, I haven’t seen Dr. Horrible, yet, or Mamma Mia, or The Dark Knight. I will get to all of it. Someday. I swear.

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  1. Bil Browning

    Congratulations on the job promotion! Woot!
    And I can feel your pain on the AC. Ours went out completely on the 4th of July. We spent a week without any so we could save up the $3k we had to spend to replace our entire unit.

  2. Melody

    I’m pretty sure that “hope to Maude” just became a regular feature of my vocabulary.

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