And I say to myself, it’s wonderful, wonderful…

Yesterday I went with Stephanie K. (I’m putting her last initial lest someone become confused and think I’m writing about myself) to the Indiana State Museum. Cool place. The pendulum from the old state museum is there, but it doesn’t have the same presence that it did in the old building, where it was in the main lobby. But it’s still cool. I was snapping pictures of it, and I’m wishing now I had taken a picture of Stephanie while she was standing next to it. But I was so distracted by her all day that I forgot about taking a picture. After the museum we came back and spent time together at my house. It’s funny, we both made CDs for each other. I like hers better; it’s songs that we heard on our first date.

A Note regarding the CD I made: For those of you who’ve heard the song — be careful where you put the song “Bathtime at Clerkenwell” on a mix. Maybe better at the beginning of a CD than 3/4ths of the way through. Otherwise – spontaneous laughter at inappropriate moments.

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