Sunday night I had a prowler around my house. I happened to see him outside the window of my house; he was peering in and seemed to be moving back and forth outside the window. I think he saw me and was startled, so he took off. I called the police, but they walked all around and didn’t see anyone.

Last night he was back. I happened to spot him without him seeing me and I watched him for 10 minutes or so pacing around outside peeking in my windows while I was on the phone describing him to the police. His behavior was very erratic and bizarre, to say the least. He eventually saw me and took off, but I had been on the phone long enough that the police arrived and caught him down the street a few blocks.
Unfortunately, because they didn’t see him looking in my windows themselves, they couldn’t arrest him, so they had me identify him, warn him to stay away from my property and they let him go after getting all his information. I can call the prosecutor and get charges against him and get a warrant for his arrest now through the prosecutors office, which I plan to do.
A few minutes after they let him go, the police were back at my house giving me all his identity info, and Stephanie K. realized she knew him. She had been at my house both nights, and he was stalking her. He’s from Chesterton, so he’s traveling a long way to come down to follow her to my house. She didn’t happen to see him at the window or go to identify him, so we didn’t put it all together until later.
She has spoken to his mom. I guess the problem is that he is in love with her, and he has a problem with her dating me.
Apparently he was also reading my website, so let me just say this here, just in case. I said it last night in front of the police, but it bears repeating: I AM NOT A PERSON YOU WANT TO MESS WITH. Stay away from me, my house, my property and stay away from Stephanie. If you do anything more, it will end badly for you, make no mistake. Not only am I a bad person to cross, I have four very large and protective brothers and quite a few not very tolerant friends who would be happy to cause you harm.
Here is his information: His name is Daniel, 30 years old, he’s 5′ 8″ or so. He’s not fat but he’s on the chunky side, with brown hair and wireframe glasses. He drives a white ford escort station wagon. Both times he was at my house he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up. On Sunday he was carrying a black backpack, that he had with him in the car on Tuesday.

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