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  • Brian Frazer in Details magazine talks about choosing not to have kids, in a conversation that could be verbatim what Stephanie and I have had: Our individual philosophies on the subject fell somewhere between casual indifference and acute apathy. "You want kids?" "I don't know…do you?" "Um…not sure." "I'll have 'em if you want to. Do you?" "I don't know." "Wanna go see a movie?" "Sure!" "Which meant we went from being indecisive to indecisive with a gun to our heads. In fact, we often looked at each other and said, "Gun to your head: Kid or no kid?" The answer, no matter who was asking, never changed: "I don't know. But please take the gun away from my head. I'm trying to change lanes, and it's rush hour."
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  1. Rachel

    I do not want kids; I want a dog and an R2-unit.

  2. MJ

    I’m perfectly content being Crazy/Fun Auntie MJ! Rumor has it that I’m fairly successful in this role. 🙂

  3. HFM

    Given that I refer to all 4 (!!!) of our shop vacs as R2-units I think we’re already living the dream.
    Why do we have 4 shop vacs? A “Yours, mine and ours” thing – she had one, I had one, one came with the house, and one I got free when my dad bought me a compound miter saw.
    Lesbians with indulgent fathers = too many power tools.

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