links for 2011-03-08

  • An interesting study about casual sex – women say no to casual sex with men not because they're not interested, but often because they don't feel safe from violence and because they don't have confidence the man involved can guarantee they'll have an orgasm. But women do think that other women would keep them safe and give them an orgasm in a casual sex situation, which is really funny. And also likely true.
  • "However shrouded in the language of fiscal austerity, the GOP’s social agenda intends to undo these changes, forcing women back into the domestic sphere. While leaving abortion nominally legal, cuts to family planning services and the legalization of terror against abortion providers would create an environment of compulsory childbearing. Women who can’t control their fertility will be unable to compete for degrees or jobs with their male counterparts. Likewise, without affordable childcare women would be less likely to work outside the home. And without basic rights to organize, women teachers, nurses and other public sector workers would be compelled to accept lower wages and harsher working conditions, shoving many women out of the workforce altogether. In the Republicans’ future America, women will be encouraged to marry younger, to stay in difficult (even abusive) marriages and to rely on male wages."

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