links for 2011-02-24

  • Wow – very cool picture library.
  • Michael Bierut's course at the Yale School of Fine Art asked students to engage in a design project repeated every day for 100 days. Lots of really wonderful, creative ideas there. Bierut: "Does this sound like fun? I'm not sure. But some years, up to two dozen students start the assignment. And some years, more than half drop out before the end. Everyone starts with high hopes. But things get repetitive by day ten. By day twenty, no matter what you've decided to do, it feels like you've been doing it forever. And bridging the end-of-year break is always a big challenge. But the students who get past day thirty or forty tend to get in a groove that will take them through to the end. Here's a sampling of what's been done through the years, including some of my favorites."

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