links for 2011-06-09

  • Because they're asking the wrong people, maybe? This isn't rocket science. Well, I guess it actually IS, but fortunately for me, I'm a rocket scientist, so I can tell you – yes, it's there. And I can show it to you. Grab a torch and follow me, we're going in… All joking aside though, this is an interesting article on the complete lack of scientific research on this subject.
  • I'm a pretty key "connector/maven" for lgbt stuff in Indy, and somehow I missed out on this happening, which means they could use a different approach to their marketing, I think.
  • Q: If there is a God, why does he let so much pain and suffering happen to Anthony Weiner’s penis? A: God does many wonderful things. He made you, and Mommy and Daddy, and the sun and the moon and all of the food that we eat. But sometimes God gets bored, and that’s why He made the people who invented Twitter.

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