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  1. lisa

    re: what will be your legacy? – although it was emotionally hard when my mom sold the house we’d all grown up in, i’m so, so grateful that she cleaned that place out in the process. our family had owned the house for 60 years and no one had ever really moved out, just moved on. but if she hadn’t up and decided to move to the beach, it would have been up to us kids to deal with it all. and my mom isn’t even a clutterer!
    i actually think about that a lot in my uncluttering. if something happened to me, X person would have to deal with all of my crap. (it used to be my mom, now it’s jason.)

  2. HFM

    It would be interesting to study, in the context of history, how unique our generation is about collecting and curating “stuff” – i suspect we enjoy an abundance that some past generations didn’t – and that we’re influenced so heavily by consumer culture that past generations weren’t inflicted with.

  3. lisa

    oh we definitely enjoy an abundance that past generations didn’t have. plus, our parents are children of people who lived through the depression and a LOT of hoarding behavior springs from that. we also have much larger houses. my 1946 cottage probably housed a family with at least one kid – i can’t imagine cramming another person in here and am desperate to move somewhere bigger. and this is *after* divesting myself of huge amounts of stuff.

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