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  1. Wil

    It must have been all those drunk girls that turned me gay.
    Interesting article. However, I think the author of that post also stereotyped males.
    And regarding the a**hole principal, I’m with you in disbelief that that kind of attitude still exists. Please let us know how your phone call goes. Wil

  2. Cordelia

    Oh, my f-ing GOD. You know, never mind testing, never mind no child left behind, never mind paying teachers whose students have high test scores. THAT’S NOT WHAT’S WRONG. IT’S THIS FRICKING CULTURE OF SURVEILLANCE, CONFORMITY AND PETTY AUTHORITY THAT PERVADES THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM. Oh, whew, wow, thanks, Steph. I usually never get so worked up in public, but holy f-ing hell. Is he that threatened by a girl in a tux ? And the #1 reason why Hillary never stood a chance.
    I hope you get to speak to that principal. What is he thinking ? Better yet, what is his school email ? If it’s a public school, it is most likely on their website. I’d be happy to drop him a line, free of f-bombs.

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