links for 2009-06-23

  • Lafayette based business selling green products. Local and environmentally friendly – bonus!
  • Time and again, they and other visitors to the exhibitions have been moved to tears by the vast outpouring of creative feminine energy on display. Christine and I (ourselves now technically middle-aged women) have watched with an increasing sense of awe the exponential growth of our project. When we began we thought a dozen or so people would join in. We seem to have tapped into a parallel universe of female power — I can think of no way to put this anymore, except to say that we have become the channels or mediums for what appears to be an unstoppable force. Why has this force not been channeled before? How is that such power and potential has gone unnoticed? Unrecognized? Un-utilized? If this much of it could be channeled randomly through our living room, imagine what could be achieved with even a modicum of social support and encouragement.

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