White House planned to Bomb News Outlet

Via Stallio, I discovered this story being discussed widely in Britain and the middle east — about Bush wanting to bomb Al-Jazeera, the arab media outlet that happens to be located in Quatar, a ally nation of ours, according to a new memo leaked from No. 10 Downing Street. He was talked out of it by Tony Blair.
Yes, you read that right — Bush wanted to bomb the NEWS. In an allied country.
Okay, not only is he retarded, he’s dangerously crazy. Can we impeach him now?

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  1. Stephen Nulty

    This was truly shocking to hear. Even more shocking that had it not been for a leak from Downing Street we wouldn’t have been told about it. It is deeply concerning that President Bush could even consider doing this. Did he even realise that Qatar is an ally of the United States? Perhaps Blair had to get out a travel map and show him where it was and explain that Qatar is a friend and you don’t bomb your friends (do you, Mr Bush?). I’m even more shocked that learning that that President Bush was willing to bomb an ally, Tony Blair was still willing to attack Iraq with him! What does President Bush think of the BBC in London when they re-broadcast videos of Osama Bin Laden? Does he think about bombing us until Condy reminds him that London is in the UK – a friend of the United States!

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