Where the Terrorists will strike, and Bush doesn’t care

The areas where the terrorists are most likely to strike… they’re all covered by our Homeland Security, right? Um, no, their not. Not at all. Because we’re spending so much money in Iraq, major hot spots here are not funded or protected adequately. Mother Jones analyzes the data:

Amount needed for basic security upgrades for subway and commuter trains in large cities: $6 BILLION
(Iraq spending equivalent: 20 days)
Bush budget allocation for train security: $100 MILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 8 hours)
Amount needed to equip all U.S. airports with machines that screen baggage for explosives: $3 BILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 10 days)
Bush budget allocation for baggage-screening machines: $400 MILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 32 hours)
Amount needed for security upgrades at 361 U.S. ports: $1.1 BILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 4 days)
Bush budget allocation for port security: $210 MILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 17 hours)
Amount needed to buy radiation portals for U.S. ports to detect dirty bombs in cargo: $290 MILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 23 hours)
Bush budget allocation for radiation portals: $43 MILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 3 hours)
Amount needed to help local firefighters preparefor terrorist attacks: $36.8 BILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 122 days)
Bush budget allocation for firefighter grants: $500 MILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 40 hours)
Amount needed to get local emergency medical crews ready for terrorist atttacks: $1.4 BILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 5 days)
Bush budget allocation for emergency medical training grants prior to eliminating program altogether: $50 MILLION
(Iraq equivalent: 4 hours)
(Sources: American Public Transportation Association, FY 2005 Budget, Government Accountability Office, Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Coast Guard, House Appropriations Committee)

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