Arianna Huffington and her political background

This is a really interesting interview with Arianna Huffington. The one-time Republican journalist turned independent, and what caused her to change. She points out part way through the article that her concern about the issues never changed at all, just her belief about how the issues needed to be solved.

“Because the issues I care about haven’t changed. What changed was my understanding of how we solve those issues. I truly believed that the private sector could step up to the plate and provide the financial resources and the volunteer time to tackle poverty and all those social problems. I really did. But then I found out firsthand, through observing the Republican leadership at work, how unserious they were about addressing those issues…. And the other factor was seeing firsthand how difficult it really was to raise money for social problems from the private sector…. The government needs to play a role in these problems. It can’t all be the private sector.”

Arianna’s new book: Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption are Undermining America.

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