Shorter Debate McCain

I got a pen right here. (That’s a sharpie, John.) You only get Miss Congeniality if you vote 100% with Bush. My 90% makes me a MAVERICK. MAVERICK! DID YOU HEAR ME!

Back in my day, we went to war in our bare feet. Uphill, both ways in the snow; you just don’t understand. You never went to war in your barefeet! (spits on podium in anger.)

You’re showing your naiivite. Maverick, maverick, POW.

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  1. Wil

    The true “Original Maverick”, James Garner had Jodie Foster as his co-star (in the movie). Now if McCain had picked Jodie instead of Palin, then yes, he would definitely be a maverick. Wil

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