Republican Senators Attack the Red Cross

Yeah, THE Red Cross… you know, the wonderful folks who come and save your ass after natural disasters. I’ll be this goes over as well as when they attacked the beloved AARP. Here, read about it for yourself:

Republican Senators believe the US should reconsider funds allocated to the International Committee of the Red Cross in view of its repeated criticism of rights violations by US troops in Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan.
In a report titled “Are American Interests Being Disserved by International Committee of the Red Cross?”, the Senate Republican Policy Committee called for an audit of funds spent by the ICRC to ensure that American dollars are not being used for lobbying against US interests.

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  1. budha

    It is not popular to say that the Red Cross system that was in place for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, was designed to fail the victims of the storm, but the book “Sky Dog: Lessons from Katrina” revealed the process that the Red Cross used. This information was given to the author; Jeremiah Hensley, un-knowingly by a Red Cross worker. His new release was written to provide up-dated information concerning the progress that is being made in this storm raged region. The title summs up the frustrations of the people that have been impacted by Katrina. These signs were placed all over the Gulf Coast region. The signs simply reads “Katrina That Bitch!: The Drama Continues” Release date July 15th 2006 ISBN# 0-9774336-8

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