Religious Right Psycho Nutjobs think “Shark Tale” is a Gay Movie

Just when you thought the religious right had truly gone off the deep end, they pull out another one. This time, the American “Family” Association is reading homosexuality into the Shark Tale movie.
See, the movie is about this shark kid who’s a vegetarian, and his shark father is embarrassed about it, and wonders why his kid has to be “different” than all the other sharks. The American Family (NutJob) Association thinks this is “code” for homosexuality. And at one point in the movie, the shark kid hides by dressing up as a dolphin. The AF(N)A thinks this is “code” for cross-dressing.
Seriously. Although nothing like that is really intended in the movie, the movie’s messages of tolerance for the differences of others, and the importance of being who you really are, are being interpreted as a political message.
Whatever you do, don’t let them watch Rudolph this Xmas season. Because who knows what they would see Rudolph’s nose as code for… and the happy ending where Rudolph gets to guide the sleigh because of his “special difference”…. blasphemy!!

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