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Salon Magazine takes a closer look at the question of Bush’s mystery bulge during the first Presidential debate, and interviews a few folks about it.

What hasn’t been pointed out is that while having an audio prompter might be an acceptable alternative to a teleprompter during a speech or talk, it certainly is foul play during a debate, when the President shouldn’t be using a cheat sheet to answer questions. If he can’t think on his feet and explain his own policies, then he shouldn’t be the friggin’ president. But then, we knew that the first time we voted for him.
And in other news, Michigan prosecutors refuse to charge Michael Moore with violating election law by giving clean undewear and Ramen noodles to people who agree to vote.
“Prosecutors in Isabella, Ingham and Antrim counties said they determined no action was warranted. A spokeswoman for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said Thursday that election law violations should be handled by the attorney general’s office. The harshest reaction came from the two Republican prosecutors, Antrim County’s Charles Koop and Isabella County’s Larry Burdick. Worthy and Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III are Democrats.
“Alleging that a person is attempting to buy votes is a serious allegation, and one that is taken seriously by this office. However, your request to prosecute Mr. Moore trivializes the intent of this section of the election code,” Koop said Thursday in a letter to Greg McNeilly, executive director of the state Republican Party.”

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