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From Salon Magazine’s review of Michael H. Kater’s new book “Hitler Youth”:

To that end, it was crucial to curb formal education and abstract thinking. By the end of the ’30s, teachers were encouraged to wear HJ uniforms to school, and a new category of “liaison teachers” was formed, answering directly to the HJ. The length of formal education was shortened by one year, and a set of Adolf-Hitler-Schulen (“Hitler Schools”) was established. Today it’s almost comical to think about how these schools divided the academic day: Ninety minutes for book learnin’, five hours for sports. But it’s less amusing to read that boys were chosen for these special schools based on their “character,” a quality deemed superior to intellect and based on Nazi notions of honor, bravery and devotion to the F├╝hrer.”
Gee, where else have we heard lately about “character” and blind devotion being valued above intellect? It’s a historically insensitive analogy, to say the least, yet something about it sticks. Maybe it’s just that anytime religious certainty infects politics the result bears a fascist echo.

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