Newsweek’s Howard Fineman seems to be smoking the crack

Howard Fineman on the Chris Matthews Show, discussing the Democrats in 2008:

Mr. FINEMAN: If they can’t win this one, the Democrats deserve to go the way of the Whigs, which is a political party that disappeared. Now why did it disappear? It disappeared because it couldn’t deal with the biggest issue of the time, which was slavery.
Mr. FINEMAN: So I’m thinking, what’s the issue this time that could render the Democrats useless to history? And the answer is–if there is one, the answer is terrorism. And who is dehumanizing whom. Is it the terrorists who are dehumanizing us or we who are refusing to view them as real people? And unless the Democrats can figure out an answer on foreign policy, then there is a chance they could blow it, despite all of what you said.

Yeah. Because clearly, the Republican foreign policy is working well for us, being mired in a quagmire of a war and alienating every single ally we’ve every had. Sorry, Mr. Fineman – the GOP imaginary boogie man of “terrorism” isn’t going to kill off the Democratic Party. Keep trying, though, it’s cute to watch the Republicans spin out.
It does suck that the GOP has fucked up the world and will then be handing it back to the Democrats in ’08 to pick up the pieces, but they couldn’t do worse the the Republicans.

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