New Bush Social Security Strategy: Attack the AARP

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By now you probably know that the hugely powerful, hugely popular, non-partisan senior organization, the AARP, has done the math on the Social Security “Crisis” and realized that Bush’s plan will cost individuals huge money, while making a bundle for big businesses. So they are lobbying against Bush’s plan.

Here’s how Bush’s man Karl Rove is setting up the attack on the AARP: by creating a right-wing group called USANext, similar to the Swift Boat Veterans group, that will try to demonize the AARP as a “liberal” organization. Their opening salvo is ads placed on right wing websites like the American Spectator (see it in place in the right column, second position) — here’s the ad they created:

Bush's Attack Ad

Now what this ad has to do with Social Security or the AARP is anyone’s guess, but this is what your pal George Bush is doing.

Considering that my grandparents are a part of the AARP, (and honestly, I think my dad might be, too) I’m guessing that this is one strategy that’s going to blow up in Karl Rove’s face.

UPDATE: They pulled the ad because of the controversy, but never fear, Josh Marshall has images of it in it’s original placement on the USANext website to prove it existed.

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