Heritage Foundation VP blames gays for Abu Ghraib prison torture

Heritage Foundation vice president Rebecca Hagelin, in a recent column published on Townhall.com, tries to suggest that American soldiers were influence to commit the torture by sexual excesses, including homosexuality, at home in the US. Nevermind that the whole thing was really Rumsfeld’s idea.

A recent poll says Americans aren’t even overly ashamed of what has gone on. Why? ‘People out in the hinterlands can keep the perspective of the big picture,’ the pollster told U.S. News magazine. Oh yeah? What is the big picture? That ‘everyone does it’? That this was mistreatment, not torture? That these were mere ‘fraternity pranks’? That the Iraqis are doing far worse to each other and to our soldiers? Forget defending it. It’s indefensible…
But, with the non-judgmental, sex-crazed, anything-goes culture that we have become at home, it seems that America has set herself up for international humiliation. Our country permits Hollywood to put almost anything in a movie and still call it PG-13. We permit television and computers to bring all manner of filth into our homes. We permit school children to be taught that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. We allow Christianity and the teaching of Judeo-Christian values to be scrubbed from the public square. We allow our children be taught how to use condoms in school, rather than why to avoid sex. We let these things happen. They don’t happen on their own.
While hearings take place to examine the horrific behavior that took place in a military prison overseas, it’s time to take a cold, hard look at the degradation in our own country — and in our own homes.

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