Bush Goes Totally Delusional

“The military also announced the deaths of two more American soldiers, killed by makeshift bombs in Baghdad, as President Bush (news – web sites) appealed to other nations to set aside “past bickering” to help with peacekeeping and reconstruction.”
PAST BICKERING? On what planet was there preliminary events of the Iraq invasion called “past bickering?” Bush, you invaded a sovereign nation without provocation, using as an excuse fabricated information. You did this in defiance of PRACTICALLY THE ENTIRE PLANET, who knew damned well the information you were presenting was false. You didn’t achieve any of your objectives in the invasion (make the world safer, kill Sadaam Hussein) and you’ve gotten thousands of people killed in the process and trashed a country. And people are supposed to get past their feelings and help you? Good god we have a total retard in the White House.

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