There are at least 3 supreme court justices retiring, and depending on Chief Justice Rehnquist’s health, it could be 4. The justices that have spoken of retirement are Stevens, O’Connor, and Ginsburg. Bush will appoint all four and the chief justice. And this will lead to a majority of conservatives in the bench, 7/2. Chief Justice Scalia, anyone?
And meet your new SC justices: Ted Olson, Miguel Estrada and Priscilla Owen. How do you like the new guys deciding the next 20 years of American law?
Say goodbye to Affirmative Action, Roe v. Wade, minimum wage, Social Security, Miranda Rights, separation of church & state, funding for science, and condoms. Say hello to Patriot Act II, mandatory prayer in schools, social services provided by Evangelical churches, “creation science” in the curriculum, and the Ten Commandments in the courts.
And say goodbye to any rights for me. There will be a constitutional amendment taking away marriage rights — but it will also disallow any legal arrangement that is meant to imitate a marriage, which means my will won’t be valid, nor will any power of attorney I set up, nor any health or insurance benefits. There is now nothing I can do to protect my family. I’m screwed.

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