And furthermore, I’ll move to Canada

I must be psychic, because Bush is on TV announcing his support for the Constitutional Amendment to Ban Equal Marriage Rights right now.
If you vote Republican this election, you will no longer be a part of my life. I’m not kidding; if you truly don’t believe I should be able to get married, then you’re a toxic person, and my life is difficult enough without you contributing such a hostile and vicious belief into it.

And if this constitutional amendment passes, I won’t be living in this country. Canada, Europe.
Updated: I never thought I’d be quoting Andrew Sullivan, but for once he’s found his brain:

This president wants our families denied civil protection and civil acknowledgment. He wants us stigmatized not just by a law, not just by his inability even to call us by name, not by his minions on the religious right. He wants us stigmatized in the very founding document of America. There can be no more profound attack on a minority in the United States – or on the promise of freedom that America represents.
We must prevent this graffiti from being written on a document every person in this country should be able to regard as their own.”

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