Pipelines more important than hospitals to Dick Cheney

According to the Hattiesburg America, a small Mississippi newspaper, Dick Cheney’s office called the South Mississippi Electric Power Association and ordered them to prioritize restoring power to Colonial Pipeline Co. before restoring power to two rural hospitals.

“I considered it a presidential directive to get those pipelines operating,” said Jim Compton, general manager of the South Mississippi Electric Power Association – which distributes power that rural electric cooperatives sell to consumers and businesses.

“I reluctantly agreed to pull half our transmission line crews off other projects and made getting the transmission lines to the Collins substations a priority,” Compton said. “Our people were told to work until it was done.”

Let me reiterate what I said before about the importance of this: in the event of a nuclear terrorist attack on our country, Dick Cheney would save his pipeline before he would save your grandmother’s hospital.

I wonder if anyone died in those two hospitals while the power was off.

I’m not sure whether the South Mississippi Electric Power Association is a state or privately run facility — from what I can see they’re privately owned. I wonder, then, why they didn’t tell Cheney to go Cheney himself.

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