Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey

Monkey!!The Year of the Monkey begins today… This is a year I’ve looked forward to for a while, because it’s the anniversary of my birth year (1968) and is supposed to be lucky for me, although from what I’m reading, it’s to be more entertaining than productive.

“While a lively year of good times, good friends, and lack of boredom, only rarely are your own Monkey years constructive and capable of permanent development. Monkeys have difficulty staying on a straight and narrow course, tempted to take detours and short-cuts for the pure pleasure of discovery and novelty. However, you do find the year’s prevalent upheaval amusing, and will have a strong desire for travel.”

Notable events that happened in the Year of the Monkey: 1992 – Bill Clinton became president. 1968 – assassinations, riots, revolutions and political unrest around the world, including MLK and RFK assasinations. In 1944, the Allies began to turn the tide in Europe in World War II, liberating France from the German occupation. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president in Monkey year 1932. Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.
Of course, you have to process all this keeping in mind that I believe that all astrology is a bunch of ridiculous hooey. But fun ridiculous hooey.

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