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Courtesy of I’m late again, of course.
Q: What’s your favorite bagel, muffin, and/or doughnut (we’re talking flavor and/or brand)?
Not an enormous bagel fan. I’d eat them if someone put them in front of me, but I don’t generally buy them for myself. Doughnuts – I like anything with chocolate on it, and cinnamon sugar coated doughnuts. Muffins – my grandmother makes a chocolate cupcake/muffin with cream cheese and chocolate chips in the center, that they also have a version of at the coffee shop that used to be at work. MMMM.
Q: The much-anticipated environmental drama, The Day After Tomorrow, opens today in movie theaters nationwide. According to media accounts, the movie takes a special-effects-filled look at what the world would look like if the greenhouse effect and global warming continued at such levels that they resulted in worldwide catastrophe and disaster, including multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, and the beginning of the next ice age. Do you think that in our lifetime we’ll be witness to the sorts of major environmental catastrophes such as the ones depicted in this movie?
Obviously we won’t have catastrophes on the scale of the movie, because their time frame for the events was compacted severely for entertainment purposes. But we’re already seeing the effects of global warming, and it will continue to get worse.
Q: Birthday and holiday greeting cards; hand-written letters from friends and loved ones… we’ve all received them. What do you do with these sorts of things once you’ve finished reading them… toss them or keep them?
Keep them. I have a storage place for them.
Q: Have you ever used a fire extinguisher? If so, what were the circumstances? If not, do you know how to use one?
Umm. No. I have one in my house, but never learned how to use it. Thanks for making me feel guilty, there. Now I have to go learn how to use the fire extinguisher.

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