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Q: What sorts of things did you enjoy reading as a child?
Everything! Mysteries were a big favorite, but I loved all sorts of fiction, and I enjoyed biographies, too.
Q: Are you now, or did you ever, mourn or grieve over the death of former U.S. President Ronald Regan?
Probably about as much as he grieved over the 70,000 gay men who died because he didn’t bother to do anything to combat AIDS.
Q: Have you ever had a role in a theatrical performance? If so, what did you play? If not, is there a role that you’d like to play?
I was a prop person for a production of Spoon River Anthology in high-school, because I had a crush on one of the female leads. I don’t really have the acting bug, and I have terrible stage fright.
Q: If and when your hair turns gray, will you let the gray in or will you use an over-the-counter product to turn it away?
I probably won’t do much to it. I probably won’t go gray very early; I have my mom’s light colored hair and her gray really isn’t noticeable.

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