FOUR FOR FRIDAY. Er. Wednesday.

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Q1: Have you ever marched in a parade? If so, what was the cause/reason/banner/float you marched under?
The 1987 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights, The 1993 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights, The 25th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in 1994, The 2000 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights. All in the Indiana contingents of the parade.
Q2: Have you ever had to wear a uniform for a job? If so, what was the job, and how did you feel about the uniform?
McDonalds. Castleton Movie Theatre. Both sucked, mainly because they were polyester.
Q3: What’s your favorite way to enjoy music… Live, at a concert; In the comfort of your own home, on MTV; While driving, listening to your car’s radio; While exercising, on an MP3 player or CD player/Walkman; or, At home, on your own stereo?
On my iPod, anywhere. I can plug it into my car stereo, my home stereo, the small stereo radio in my bedroom, my computer at work.
Q4: If you were to trade your current license plate in for a vanity plate, what letters or word(s) would you choose for your new plate?
Eh. I’m not into vanity plates. My uncle, who’s last name is Turnipseed, had a vanity plate that said “MR T” for years. That’s pretty cool. I think plates where you have to abbreviate the word in some way to fit it on the plate are pretty lame, though, like 2BLND4U. If you can’t pick a single word with 7 letters, don’t bother. Dork.

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