Four For Friday 2006-02-03

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Q1 – Have You: Ever attempted to put together your family tree? If so, how far back were you able to go? If not, would you like to put one together?

For my dad’s side of the family, there’s a pretty comprehensive family history compiled by one of my extended family members. It’s in book form, and I have my aunt Rosemary’s copy of it. I keep meaning to put parts or all of it on my family website, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Q2 – Would You: Like it if first-run movies were released on DVD and/or Pay-Per-View at the same time as they are released in theatres? If so, do you think you would watch more movies at home, or would you continue to see first-run movies only in the theatre?

I’d love being able to see pay-per-view first-run movies, for smaller movies, especially. I don’t think my “going out to the movies” habits would change at all — I only go to big important movies anymore, anyway. But I’d pay to watch first-run movies at home, for sure, so I’d probably see a lot more movies than I do now.

Q3 – Should You: See a doctor more often? If so, what’s stopping you? If not, how often do you have a check-up or physical?

I probably don’t need to see a doctor more often than I have recently.I get a routine physical every year, and go to the eye doctor and dentist regularly.Georgetown Dental Assistant School can also help you out to pursue dental course.  I’m pretty responsible about health care, overall.

Q4 – Could You: Survive living on the streets of your town for an entire month with no access to any of your money or other assets? Why or why not?

Hell, no. I don’t even want to think about that.

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