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I’m catching up on a backlog of Either/Or memes from Mikal… Courtesy of Mikal Belicove:

  1. Trampoline or Ping-Pong Table? . Trampoline; more fun due to possibility of injury.
  2. Maple or Oak? Maple. Prettier leaves.
  3. Thanksgiving or Christmas? Christmas!
  4. Strip Mall or Shopping Mall? Shopping.
  5. Mornings or Evenings? Mornings.
  6. Sunday’s Newspaper Cartoons or Saturday’s Television Cartoons? Saturday TV.
  7. Prints or Paintings? Paintings. If I could afford any.
  8. New Carpeting or Refinished Wood Floors? Wood floors!!!!!
  9. Cushy Corporate Job or Running Your Own Struggling Business? Cushy corporate job.
  10. Skiing or Sledding? Sledding. I have no sense of balance.

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