Cell Phone Privacy and Katic Couric

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I watched the news story about cell phone privacy on the Today show with Katie Couric in disbelief. In case you are unaware, if you have a cell phone, (or a regular phone actually) your records of calls made and to who can be purchased online from several internet sites for about 100 bucks.
That’s not what shocked me, because I knew that story already. What shocked me is that they didn’t mention at all that the story was broken and all the brew-ha-ha about this issue was stirred up by LIBERAL BLOGGERS. The story was broken by John Aravois of Americablog.com several weeks ago, when he first bought his own cell phone records, and then bought the records of several prominent politicians. He started reporting on the story because people came to him with the issue who had been battling with the cell phone companies, and with legislators for MONTHS. The phone companies knew of the problem, but didn’t do anything about it. The federal government knew of the problem, the FBI knew of the problem, legislators knew of the problem, and no one would do anything about it.
Now, although they knew the story three months ago, the cell phone companies are leaping into action and legislators are rushing out legislation in an “aggressive” fashion according to Katie’s story.

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