Overachieving Kids in Indianapolis

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This is deeply scary article — 10 kids in Indianapolis under the age of ten who are over-achievers. One of them actually uses the phrase “extrapolate outward” in a sentence.
I wonder how many of these kids will be shooting up the hallways of their high school, or getting their California Ranch raided a few decades from now?
UPDATE – When I got to the entry on Connor Quinn I started to wonder if this was an April Fool’s article. I’m still not sure.

  1. Anonymous

    has to be a joke.
    Kyle has already become well-known at his charter school, Deliver Us From Evil Heights

  2. Steph Mineart

    Yeah, Connor Quinn made me suspicious, but the “Deliver Us From Evil” Heights confirmed it for me, too. I know we’re in the bible belt, but that’s not possible.


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