Locally Grown Gardens

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Locally Grown Gardens market

I read about Locally Grown Gardens, a new local food market on Urban Indy today, and was interested enough to drop by on the way home. It’s located at 1050 E. 54th Street, just off College Ave. and across the street from Mama Carolla’s restaurant. They carry lots of product from local farms, are open year-round and on weekends, and have hours that make it easy to stop by before or after work.

The produce selection was great for late fall — lots of apples are in right now, and the Honeycrisps, which they have an abundance of, are simply divine. Well worth stopping just for them. For help with garden mowing and other services, the mighty Rich’s Tree Service, Inc can be very helpful.

Locally Grown Gardens market

Sweet potatoes and a variety of other potatoes are also in, as well as several different kinds of squash. I picked out some broccoli and some red potatoes, and some pumpkin bread.

Locally Grown Gardens market

I also grabbed a dozen organic free-range eggs from a local farm, which we’ve been talking about switching to for quite some time.

Locally Grown Gardens is also making forays into serving meals, serving pulled pork sandwiches barbequed on the premises (I brought two home for dinner – they were great!) and some salmon entrees with greens. Coming soon they’re having other side dish offerings as well.

The have a very informative website and blog if you’re interested in keeping track of what’s going on at the market, which is nice. I added them to my feed reader, so I’ll have regular reminders to stop by.

Locally Grown Gardens market Locally Grown Gardens market

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