Indy Undercover – Vague Recollections

You know, now that I think back, there was a version of Indy Undercover several years ago that was not anonymous. It was not a blog (this was before blogspot existed); it was a website. Maybe run by php-nuke or something? But the proprietor dude had his picture and bio on it. It was about Indianapolis politics and also purported to be from the “law enforcement” point of view, but I believe the guy identified himself as “retired” or something like that. It may even have been during the Goldsmith era – because they were taking swipes at the Dem Governor at the time.
I can still picture the site — it was a pretty amateurish three column thing – white center pane with teal columns on the left and right sides, and the guy in the picture was a fairly young, husky white guy with black hair, kicking back in a chair in an office near a desk.
I’ve searched everywhere for it, to no avail. I combed through my old bookmarks, searched my site in case I mentioned in in the past, googled and yahooed it, and made a lazy pass or two at the wayback machine before giving up and going to bed. There are still a couple places I can search, but I should at least invoke the lazyweb. Anyone remember this old version of the site, and more specifically, can you call up the wayback machine and find it?

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  1. Wilson E Allen

    I too vaguely recall that site – when I heard of IndyUndercover, I just assumed it was that old site. Can’t remember anything more specific…

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