Indy Star’s InTouch “Blogs” Censorship

I recently posted a comment to an “blog” post on the Indy Star’s INTouch page, and they have refused to post the comment to the entry in question. Here’s the entry by Kevin Bain, regarding “attacking” Christians.
Unfortunately, I didn’t save a personal copy of my comments, but I promise, I was very tame. I basically pointed out that what he’s calling a “straw man” isn’t one at all, since there are actual Christians, like Eric Miller and Micah Clark who accurately fit his three point definition listed in the first paragraph.
I also pointed out that his “working definition” of Christianity is terrifying to those of us who aren’t Christians, because it indicated that he feels his religion should have dominion over “pretenders” like goverment, and by implication, over me. That doesn’t leave much room for my religion, does it?
They claim that they only moderate comments to prevent spamming, but my comment didn’t make it to the article. Since my comment didn’t clear inspection, feel free to post yourself if you get a chance.
Interestingly enough, the don’t seem to censor wildly reactionary right wing comments posted to some of the blog entries.

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