When you pay attention to work, you miss all the good stuff

For the past couple days, StAllio! has been covering a fun controversy brewing in Indiana politics concerning the “Bloody 8th” congressional district race between Republican incumbent and right-wing loony John Hostetler, and his hottie Democrat opponent, Sheriff Brad Ellsworth.
Ellsworth’s daughter is an IU student, and happened to have a facebook page where she’s alleged to have had pictures of herself holding what might have been a bottle of beer, or might have been a bottle of root beer. I’ve seen the pictures, and I couldn’t tell. Similarly, Maggie Daniels, the daughter of Mitch Daniels, had pictures that appeared to show her engaging in underage drinking on her facebook page.
Fellow IU student Joshua Claybourn has a blog at In the Agora, where someone provided links to these two facebook pages. Claybourn, being a Republican and an employee supporter of Hostettler, proceeded to send the Ellsworth link to the newspapers, while concealing the Daniels link.
Chaos ensued, Claybourn was attacked, then he tried to cover up his involvement, blah blah blah. Go read the story at StAllio’s page, which has been published on Atrios, BTW. I’m so jealous.

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  1. stAllio!

    i don’t think josh is actually a hostettler employee… just a “supporter”

  2. Steph Mineart

    Isn’t he? I thought I read that he was some sort of intern for him, but of course i could be quite wrong. I’ll revise that.

  3. nitsudima

    This ties in very well with the piece on Taking Down Words where they mock the IU GOP party invitation. In that fine snippet of college political life, the “IUGOP Social Director” invites members to two events. The first one calls for everyone to “BYOW (wine).” The second event is the Social Director’s own 21st birthday party.
    What? College Republicans not only drinking before they reach the legal age, but also organizing illegal drinking events while underage?
    Well, maybe it’s okay if he/she was the only underage drinker in attendance. And if it was only that one time.

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