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I mentioned Indy Undercover on IndyScribe, but I’ve now read several of the posts, and want to comment here on it separately.
Indy Undercover a site about law enforcement issues in Indianapolis, purportedly written by an law enforcement officer. It’s getting lots of traffic and comments from other people who claim to be law enforcement officers in the city, and the tone of the site is hyper right-wing and very, very anti Democrat.
There are a couple of blog comments that reference this past year’s Human Rights Ordinance — specifically that officers felt the ordinance trumped their concerns about the consoliation of the IPD and the Sheriff’s Department. But the comments are virulently homophobic, which is really alarming. These are the people who are supposed to serve and protect us? Yikes, yikes, and double f*&king yikes.
UPDATE: After the 2006 November election, it was revealed that the Indy Undercover website was not run by anyone from the Indianapolis Police Department, but rather by Indianapolis radio personality Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

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  1. Michelle

    The site is extremely right wing and out there. The reason I posted it to Consuming Indy is because I think it’s better to be aware of that kind of stuff, particularly coming from people claiming to be our local law enforcement officers, than to be ignorant of it. The adeas about the the Human Rights Ordinance, the murder rates and just crime in general is horrifying. “Yikes, yikes, and double f*&king yikes” is absolutely right.

  2. Steph Mineart

    And horribly racist, too, the more I read.
    Most people have the common sense not to blog about their jobs. No matter what the on the job circumstances, blogging about it doesn’t help the employee, it doesn’t help the employer and in this case, it’s certainly not helping the city, the crime rates, the taxpayers.
    If these were my employees, they wouldn’t be for long.

  3. Lux

    Steph Mineart,
    I am a reader of Indy Undercover. I would challenge you to show me anything that Indy U has said that could be interpreted as “horribly racist”! To make a comment like that without showing any evidence to back it up is horribly irresponsible!

  4. Steph Mineart

    Quotes, directly from the comments of IndyUndercover:
    “Can’t say i’m all that upset… what’s the difference between him and the other dirty butts we arrest?”
    “Boy” to “Baker”…that’s what happens when racists make decisions.
    Racism is once again kept alive…Minorities love racism…they want it to stay alive…If it was dead they wouldn’t have a cruch to get promotions over more qualified non-minorities and certain benefits…My Sarcastic Remark: “Uh Oh I’m being treated with respect like everyone else…”If I don’t call out suspect racism I may lose my special benefits” Hey they keep calling me BOY I smell a promotion coming somewhere……Funny how the same people keep pointing out racism when they are the real racists…”
    “CON”gresswoman Julia Carson’s office
    Hey Julia…everyone knows u do your best work under the influence of alcohol
    “Indyu, I wish you would do some looking into another “rat” infested Police Dept here in Indy, its on the west side, ok lets say its right in the middle of Speedway In.”
    The IPD Command staff are completely impotent when it comes to actually “running” the department. They have no idea about the specifics in regards to our future existence, and they’re all afraid to even take a simple crap, so to speak, for fear of losing their prized positions at the master’s table. God forbid they would actually stand up, address issues of vital concern to us all (i.e. a contract and the goat rope consolidation process) and speak their minds in an honest fashion. Oh, I’m sorry, I’m slipping off into fantasyland-that would actually require intestinal fortitude, leadership, and courage. How foolish of me.
    Well its about time someone brought up the Rat Infested Police Dept otherwise known as Speedway PD. They have truely got morale problems, but of course that starts with their leadership.. oh crap did I really say that, they have no leadership, they have a DICK-TA-TOR ship!! Jeff Dine is an idiot and then has an even bigger idiot as his Captain aka (former wanted person) for child support no less!! and these two are the setting example men for that department!! Lord!! Some one should really take a hard hard look at this little department, look into what happen to that so called warrant, trust me there are many many ghost in those two’s closets! And it really has nothing to do with Dennis Anderson at all!! Its all Jeff Dine and Alan Jones..

  5. Lux

    First, what comes from the comments section of Indy U’s blog is hardly evidence of Indy U’s “racism”! I can post a racist comment right here and it doesn’t make the operator of this site a racist! Second, the evidence you provided is hardly what I would call racism! In an America eager to cry racism, we have lost track of what true racism is! The comments you quote are harsh comments by harsh men, but hardly racist. Is calling the people you arrest “dirty butts” racist? Is opining on a congresswoman who is black racist?
    Is calling a decision maker a racist, racist? Or how about calling the Speedway Police Department, a predominately white department, rat infested? The one comment that you quote that may pass as racism is the one about minorities loving racism because it provides a crutch. I have heard comments very similar to this made by prominent black leaders in this country on several occasions! Is it ok when the speaker is of the race they are criticizing? It would behoove you and others to read Indy U’s blog and try to learn something about the tough men and women that you and the rest of this community expect to protect you. Learn something about how they are treated by an unappreciative government and community. Learn about how our elected officials would rather spend money on football stadiums than pay these brave folks! Just in case you were wondering, I’m not a cop. But I am the son of one. One who lost an eye in the line of duty while protecting people like you.

  6. Steph Mineart

    I clearly was discussing the comments, not just the author’s posts in my initial thoughts about how dismaying the IU site is. The fact is that if you make a racist comment here, I would delete it rather than letting it stand. Indy Undercover has chosen to let their poisonous comments stay on the site — sometimes. After my initial criticism, they purged many of the anti-gay comments surrounding discussion of the Human Rights Ordinance from posts.
    Strangely, they let stand the comments where I was called a dyke.
    And the other quotes I gave show the tone of the site – partisan, poisonous and filed with hate. Not a single productive, progressive thought on the whole site, that I could see. Of course I couldn’t wade through all of it to look for them — like wading through a river of shit looking for diamonds.
    You mention the cops that we “expect to protect us.” Well yeah, we do, because that’s what they’re paid for. They weren’t drafted, they volunteered for the job. If they hate it, go into another line of work. I do realize it’s a tough job and that it’s dangerous. I do respect that. But I don’t think that these guys should get special treatment because of it. This is the job they chose to do.

  7. Brooke Heinrich

    I have a huge issue with Alan Jones as well. I wonder if he will ever grow up and be a real man…

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