Indiana Sex Offender Registry

The name, age, address and physical description of convicted sex offenders, as well as the crime they committed, are listed on the Indiana Sheriff’s Web site under the link for Indiana Sheriffs’ Sex Offender Registry.
An amendment to Indiana’s sex offender registry law, also known as Zachary’s Law, took effect in June after the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that posting offenders’ photographs and home addresses on the Internet did not violate their civil rights.
There are 1347 registered sex offenders in Marion county. Holy crap — 24 of them live on my street. Okay — that’s because there’s a half-way house down on 13th and Pennsylvania in Old Northside. Also, some of them are listed at the Salvation Army Check out some of these guys, though. They ain’t pretty.
It’s interesting to note how many of these guys list Wheeler Mission or other homeless shelters as their address of record. Obviously, that’s not any sort of permanent address.

I happened to click one of the links to current Indiana legislation covering sex crimes, and noted under the heading of Rape “a person who knowingly or intentionally has sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex when:
��������(1) the other person is compelled by force or imminent threat of force;
��������(2) the other person is unaware that the sexual intercourse is occurring; or
��������(3) the other person is so mentally disabled or deficient that consent to sexual intercourse cannot be given; commits rape, a Class B felony.”
Interesting… apparently it’s not illegal to force someone of the same sex to have sex. That seems like something that should be fixed in the law.

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