Which Asshole Conservative Response Is Your Favorite?

Pandagon lists all the typical Conservative responses. Here are just a couple:

Religious Conservative: God hates faggots and the rich white unmarried college kids who travel down to the French Quarter every year to drink, carouse, and deposit various genital secretions on or in each other. Thus, he killed a bunch of straight black people with families.
Economic Conservative: New Orleans was destroyed because it was a pitiful welfare state, the root cause of which was a mixture of the endemic nature of black people to rely on Big Daddy government coupled with the endemic nature of liberals to prey on black people. This explains their reluctance to pay $5 for a waterlogged Twinkie – years of socialism have stained their ability to understand that market economics require the fucking over of black people during emergencies, lest the government actually help them and turn their children into welfare-loving parasites. Gay welfare-loving parasites.

My personal favorite:
Faux-Moderate Conservatives: We’re in the midst of a crisis here – there’s plenty of blame to go around. We’ll apportion Democrats’ now and the rest to Republicans when New Orleans is rebuilt… in 2025.

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  1. Ian Jackson

    Didn’t “God’s Chosen” President say he’d often visit New Orleans to relax, unwind and have a little too much fun in the Crescent City?
    Hmmm, “Crescent” City, “Gulf.” Sounds interesting.

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