SJR-7 Assigned to Committee

House Joint Resolution 15 (HJR-15), the legislation formerly known as SJR-7 and the marriage discrimination amendment, has been assigned to committee in the house. It’s been placed in the House Rule and Legislative Procedures Committee.

Please contact the members of this committee (information below) to oppose this legislation – for Democrats, remind them that putting this on the ballot in 2008 will kill the Democratic lead in the statehouse, among other things, and that the second line of the amendment will affect all unmarried Hoosiers. Ask them to change the ambiguous and broad wording.

Chair: Representative Scott Pelath (D)

Vice Chair: Representative Russ Stilwell (D)

Rep. Terri J. Austin (D)

Rep. Earl Harris (D)

Rep. Bob Kuzman (D)

Rep. Dennie Oxley (D)

Re. Matt Whetstone (R)

Rep. Randy Borror (R)

Ralph Foley (R)

Rep. P. Eric Turner (R)

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  1. Bil Browning

    HJR-15 and SJR-7 are not the same resolution. HJR-15 originated in the House and died in the Rules committee. SJR-7 is still SJR-7. It did get assigned to the committee you mention and all the members are correct – just that one small section about the name change.
    It’s a common mistake though. The IE blog actually put up the same thing for a short period. I almost did it too – but remembered that two years ago it kept it’s name. 🙂

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