parental rights of gay people

Okay, time for another rant, on the subject of gay people getting their children taken away from them:
I have reproductive organs, I’m going to use them, and I don’t give a flying god damn what anyone thinks about it. I’m a lesbian, I’m going to have kids, I’m going to raise them well, and if you want to try to take them away, you’ll be attempting it at the end of a shotgun. I’m sick to death of hearing all these religious people saying shit… your religion is just that: your religion. It’s not mine, so keep it to yourself, or shove it in my face at your own peril.

If I were this woman, this situation would end very badly, because there is no way in hell I’d let anyone take my kids. I’d either take them to some other country, or someone would be dead, and I’d be in jail. There are some things worth killing and dying for, and doing the right thing for my children is certainly one of them. I’m thirty-three years old, and I’ve been out of the closet since I was 18… every year I grow more angry at the intolerance and idiocy of the religious, conservative right.
I’m sick of lunatic heterosexuals asking me how I’ll raise my children, and how I’ll provide them with good role models and do I think they’ll grow up well — fuck you people. Who are you to ask these questions? Why do I have to justify my parental rights to you when it’s okay for any heterosexual teenage girl to get pregnant? When you start making laws to regulate the parental responsibilities of heterosexual people, you can make laws about me. Until then, fuck off.

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